3DOptix takes advantage of CAD Exchanger Cloud to convert CAD data into mesh online

3DOptix is an optical design and simulation company. Its products include optical design and ray simulation software, as well as optomechanical mounting platform, mounts, and other related parts and devices.

3DOptix software is a browser-based service used to create and test optical designs. It allows to locate various optical elements, like mirrors, prisms, beam splitters, and to calculate the light path through them.

Mr. Gil Noy
Mr. Gil Noy
CEO, 3DOptix
“For us, the main benefit in using CAD Exchanger Cloud API was to get a hosted CAD conversion service and completely focus on our own SaaS solution.”


Traditionally users get optical components models from three main sources: 3DOptix library, manufacturers’ off-the-shelf catalogs, and their own designs. It means that optical engineers should have a possibility to upload certain elements into the 3DOptix environment.

As optomechanics is quite a traditional market, most of the elements are designed in SOLIDWORKS and Autocad. That is why the most crucial aspect of further 3DOptix development was an ability to read corresponding formats and convert them into mesh.


Gil Noy, CEO of 3DOptix, searched for a suitable solution to finally find CAD Exchanger Cloud. Its 20+ CAD formats scope and browser-compatibility became the decisive factors in adopting this solution.

Now an external optical component is added into the 3DOptix environment as follows:

  1. User uploads a file in Parasolid, SOLIDWORKS (.sldpart, .sldasm), or STEP (.x_t, .x_b, .xmt_txt, .xmt_bin, .xmp_txt, .xmp_bin)
  2. CAD Exchanger Cloud converts the file into a mesh
  3. 3DOptix reduces the number of polygons, set an anchor point, and perform other necessary manipulation
  4. A new element is saved in the user’s personal library

Optical twizzer
Optical twizzer


According to Gil Noy, CEO of 3DOptix, CAD Exchanger Cloud has three key benefits:

  • Cloud solution - CAD Exchanger is tailored to online collaboration on CAD data and has all the necessary features to be deployed on browser applications.
  • Formats range - CAD Exchanger empowers CAD apps to offset end-users’ requirements for the most common industry formats.
  • Fast integration - It took about a week to integrate the CAD Exchanger solution and to launch the beta version of a new feature.

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